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Welcome to official web-site of Natasha Shaman -

International Travel Photographer, Videographer, Model, MOS contest producer


The Natasha Magazine is inventing, experiencing, growing,

taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, having fun! 


Natasha Shaman, a Toronto Digital E-Art Creator is a Visionary and Healing Artist.

Some of her pieces are deeply healing and are used as meditations.

She is a part of the movement that is bringing art back to its roots of transformation and power.


Natasha Shaman

 aim to open ourselves and others up to New Experiences and Ideas,

inspiring one another, integrating ENERGY-ART into our Lives

and breathing New Life into our Creative Souls.


Natasha Shaman say:

I always follow my interests. Listen to your heart - it will lead you on the right path! 

That is why I became a Photographer and E-Artist.

My Purpose of being Artist is to see the Divine in all of Humanity -

no matter what the Colour, Race, Sexuality, Creed, Age, or Walk of Life they may come from.

To look into the eyes of another human being,

and look into the depths of their Soul, to see the Divine with in.

To talk with Passion and not just speak, to listen without judgment and not just hear,

to look with the Eyes of Wonderment and not just see.

To live from a place of Truth, Respect, Forgiveness, Acceptance,

Freedom, Harmony, Spiritual Connection and Love.

One of my goals in the photography – not only produce good pictures,

but to produce pictures with a good energy - Energy-ART.  

ART - it’s like Love!

 It should be entered into with abandon or not at all!

For me Work and Pleasure become reunited since the moment I bought my professional photo camera!

Every day I wake up and think, today I get to do what I love.

My canvas is blank ready to be filled with endless possibilities! 

It’s like making a cake and eat it too!

click here for full view    Windows Live Spaces    Album: People by Natasha Shaman

I start to learn about life and people with more details through my camera lenses,

and through that I learn more about myself.

It opened my creative shells, which have been waiting for that moment long time!

Photography is everything for me–


Being an artist is synonymous with freedom!

You are free to interpret the world the way you see it!

There are no rules!   

I enjoy every minute of it! Doesn’t matter what I am shooting –

people, nature, cars, or creating something in a Photoshop.

Windows Live Spaces    Album: FORMULA - 1. Italy, Monza, 2006. Montreal. GRAND-PRIX of Toronto, 2007

Windows Live Spaces   click here for full view  Album: Baseball Chicago WHITE SOX vs Toronto BLUE JAYS. June 2007

I love to bring out the uniqueness and talent in “anyone or anything”.

"For every Beauty there is an Eye somewhere to see it!

For every Truth there is an Ear somwhere to hear it!

For every Love there is a Heart somewhere to receive it!" 

I strive to capture a feeling of beauty in my work,

because in beauty the soul finds a resting place. 

Camera for me - it’s a Key to the World!

Photography - it’s a Language which you can talk to anybody

anywhere in the planet without saying a word!

Windows Live Spaces    click here for full view   Album: MUCH MUSIC Video Awards 2007

With my pictures I want to spread WORD of LOVE and PEACE

to the People and the World!

That’s why I called my first digital art collection “UNLIMITED”.


Windows Live Spaces   click here for full view   Album: Digital Art Collection "UNLIMITED"

I hope you enjoy my art as mush as I enjoy creating it.

When another person experiences the same Joy, it is deeply rewarding.

My traveling and new experiences in life are what influence me. 

I like capture the romance of the simple things in life.

I see inspiration in everything, from what I read, the things I see, to the things people talk about.

Items that may seem ordinary to someone else hold so much beauty to my eye.

I translate these feelings with a picture.

 “I believe that photography is an ode to what moves us;

music for the eye that keeps the melody of a moment resonating in us now,

and for years to come”.

Art plays a unique role in our daily lives - its Food for the Heart and Soul!


"When we need to grow, we start to heal ourselves with art

by opening ourselves up to our inner voices of change.

We do that from a place of no judgment, from a place of letting go, of trust, of love.

And we let the process happen by itself."

“As the Sun colors Flowers, so does Art color Life!”

How we decorate our home is a reflection of who we are and how we feel.

My E-ART-COLLECTION has tens of thousands of images covering a variety of subjects

(architecture, landscapes, people, cars, boats, aircrafts, animals and much more).

The range of colors modifications should satisfy any customer taste

and allow them to match to their home decor.

Any change can be made to final product regarding color, shape, framing...


Experience my work to capture a sense of Happiness and Intrigue, Beauty and Peace,

to be soothed and healed, to be inspired, and to have all your senses put in order.

Expand your horizons!

Form a new frame of mind that lets you go, that lets you escape!


May all your journeys be care free,

And may all your days be filled with wonder!

With Love and Lights, Natasha Shaman

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Copyright Natasha Magazine

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